Friday, September 14, 2012

Coming Back for Round 4

Well, after an entire summer of focusing on my Adobe skills, I'm confident to say that coming back to school this semester is going to be a breeze. 

Summer vacation is always nice (as I'm sure anyone would agree), but being able to come back to school feels just as nice. While CW isn't exactly home, it's just turned into the kind of place for me where I feel that I can relax and still learn without any kind of stress. 

Besides that though, I'm already getting started on my new classes which I'm pretty excited about, especially Game Design 1. Since I came to the College originally to start learning about game design, this is the kind of class that I think will finally be able to get me started on the path that I want to  follow, especially by just being able to practice making all of this cool stuff. 

That's all for now though. After all the work I've done at home to study for my classes, I know I'm ready to take this semester on. And hopefully it'll be the same for  the other students as well.

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