Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Real Test

Hey there everyone! After jumping into the first week of school, even though I was pretty enthusiastic about getting started, it looks like I've got a lot more on my plate than I had expected.

Having this kind of a start is never a bad thing of course, as it's the very reason why I wanted to come to this school in the first place. Starting the very first week of school, I've been needing to move toward a very specific goal for my web design class, of having to quickly take the opportunity to try and grab a client, so that way I know exactly just what kind of website I'm going to be trying to make for this semester's midterm! Not only is it meant to be a real job, but it will be my first time ever having to design a website for a client, let alone a website in general, and let me tell you, it would be no easy task if  I didn't have so many friends to help me find someone.      As my teacher likes to say, "When it comes to life, it's better to leap right into the pool than creeping in. The moment you leap in there, without a doubt, you'll swim."

As for my other classes, I've still just started warming up to them, busy as ever. Game Design and Art History have been going at their own paces, and Professional Communications has been a lot of fun too, since most of the class gets to discuss a lot of the subjects. We've still got big plans for those classes yet to come though, so I'm enjoying the free time that I've got while I can before I get into the really busy stuff. Things'll probably get busier later on, but it'll all be very well worth it.

Finally on a side note to my week, I've been taking advantage of the remaining daylight time while it's still around to try and get a lot of hiking and traveling in. In case anyone is ever looking for a spot for a good view, you should try driving up Perkin's Drive on Bear Mountain sometime in Rockland County. Especially in a career like Digital Media, I can speak from personal experience that taking the time to observe the world around you can help to better yourself with your career and stuff.

Either way, that's it for my week. To everyone just starting their semester, good luck to ya guys and kick some butt. The best way to keep on moving on up in life is to enjoy every second of it!

Till next time.

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