Friday, October 12, 2012

Traffic Report

This week has been something like deja vu for me this time around. It's been going so smoothly that I almost had nothing that I could even talk about in my blog this week. That is, except for all the trouble that the bus has been giving me getting to school.

I'm talking about this in my blog specifically because I'm hoping that anyone reading this prepares for this kind of stuff if they're coming to the school, but you always need to have an idea of the transportation that you're using to get to school (or anywhere for that matter). With a total of seven times this week, something has happened to somehow make me miss the bus coming to, and coming back from school. It ranged from things that I could have helped like waking up earlier to catch the bus, all the way to the bus driver not even stopping to pick me up at my bus stop. Things definitely happen that are out of our hands at times, but with anything that you do, you need to make sure that you have control over the situation, even if it just means doing something as simple as getting to the bus stop ten minutes earlier, or making sure that you've got a back up form of transportation if you need to get somewhere.

Other than that, things are running
smoothly. Digital Media club is busy as always, classes are filled with work to get done, and things are progressing just fine. Hope you guys had a good week too!

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