Friday, October 19, 2012

My First Client

Hey there readers! Guess who just got himself a client~

I've mentioned it quite a few times in past blogs, but this time I've finally created a deal with a business owner. Over the course of the next two weeks, my focus is about to direct itself almost completely to designing this website(can't forget about my other subjects after all). If anything, this has probably been one of the best things that's happened this week specifically, mostly because of the mere fact that this means that I can finally start getting my name out into the working world.

Originally when I came to this College, my main focus was going to be
in Game Design. Frankly, I still plan to try and keep up with my studies in Game Design as well. The thing about Game Design is that when it comes to making a name for yourself, you have to start working your way through gaming companies. The thing about the Digital Media world is that like the internet, there are many different uses for the skills that you take away from this school. The fact that I'm learning so many different programs here, I don't see any reason for me to try managing both Game Design and Web Design at the same time. While working in Game Design to further myself toward bigger goals and positions, Web Design can still serve as my back bone, allowing to support myself financially all the way through.

Now that I've got my first client, that means if I do a good job for him, then I'll have a trustworthy reference that can suggest my name to all sorts of clients, whether it be for the sake of others that are interested in web sites, or even future employers that might just want to see the kind of creative influence and effort that I put into my work.

I'll be sure to give you guys a link when I'm finally done with my results! Everyone in our field is capable of accomplishing things that might seem impossible before going into the field, so long as we make sure to put a decent amount of effort and research into it, no matter what program it involves, or anything that you do in general.

Either way, that's all for now. Next week's another week with plenty of stuff to get done (
including what may be a Digital Media Club related Halloween offer. We'll see). Have a good weekend!

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