Friday, January 18, 2013

Start of the Last Semester

Hey there guys! Last semester I wasn't able to give a final blog post due to some issues that I ran into, but I'm finally back and ready to get going with my final semester here at the College. 

Before anything though, I want to say something important, since this is something that became a big issue with me that I've been learning to fix lately. Always make sure that you've got copies of your work when it comes to Digital Media projects. Data can get corrupted easily, and trust me, that's the last thing that you want to end up running into, especially when the file of your finished projects is the one that's broken. 

With that being said, there’s a lot that I’ve got to take care of this semester and a lot of complications going on in life but, I’ve got things that I need to start working toward!  The Digital Media club is going to be starting up again, better than ever, and there's plenty of new classes that I'm about to start learning. Schedules are different. I'm in Game Design 2 right now while I focus on Web Design, work outside of school, and a whole ton of other things that I've got to get started on. 

I'll keep you guys updated though. I'm also in a portfolio class this semester to help me work on my portfolio, so I'm finally going to start posting things up in my blog that I think is good enough to show off to you guys! 

Hope you had a great winter vacation though. Keep on learning and pushing through to success! 

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